(Suggestion) Customization of land plots so each can be unique

Hello, just a few things I know I would personally like to see.

The first and most basic is simply the ability to name each land plot. Whoever owns the land should be able to change the name at any time.

And it would be great if you could actually alter the landscape by changing the appearance of the plots as seen on the app. So if you have a base station or robot assembly it shows up but also it would be cool if there were items you could purchase to place on the land as you see fit to give it a unique character such as a sign with the name of the land/colony, a flag, statue, etc. Think Sims.

This way there’s something special about each plot and when you decide to sell people are buying for more than just a number. I love the idea of an ever-changing landscape. This would create an incentive for people to buy plots, remodel them and then sell them the same way people flip houses. And you as the owner would have a much more personal connection to the land.

Anyway, let me know what you think colonials.


This would be great! Customising land would be a big incentive for ownership

This is an awesome idea!
I’d like to add to this ability to customize Base Station, Robot Assembly, Transport, Power Production and other future buildings with something like skins. For example to paint it in different colors at least. The next level would be to literally wrap it in skin, so you can completely customize buildings to your liking. All this customization additions should be sold as a separate NFT. So you can decide to just sell your customization or buy it from the another player.