Suggestion for upcoming cross-chain land minting

Hi everyone! I would like to propose that when the next planet is colonised on matic, that minting costs would be in a 50/50 ratio of clny/matic, rather than just pure matic.

Can be done via a wrapped version of clny, or maybe by then a good bridge to matic is created.

This will help drive up demand for clny, plus thematically it makes sense since Mars is the first colony, and the resources mars produces (clny) will help fuel future explorations.

Additionally, owners of AVIs can be given a minting discount. Thematically/lore wise, it makes sense since with an AVI, you’ll have an operative to help explore faster/better. Also, a minting discount instead of say, early minting, helps to mitigate the possibility of whales minting out most of the plots before your average player can.

Ideally by then, perhaps gen2 AVIs (the unlimited in quantity set) are available, reducing the barrier to entry and allowing more people to participate, mint an AVI, and enjoy a colonisation discount on the next planet. Gen1s of course, will have the bigger advantage, being the OG generation.

A suggested breakdown of the minting discount can be as follows:

Gen1 (21k OG set)
Common - 20%
Rare - 30%
Legendary - 40%

Gen2 (unlimited set)
Common - 15%
Rare - 20%
Legendary - 25%

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