[Suggestion] Mars Colony Marketplace

I didn’t spot this suggestion in the forum yet (feel free to let me know if it’s been mentioned already), but it’s been raised in Discord a number of times so I’m adding this suggestion to the forum for further visibility.

With land volume on NFT Key reaching 7.7 million ONE so far, it’d be a great idea to bump up on the to-do list the creation of an internal Mars Colony marketplace for facilitating trades of land plots. With the trading of land plots booming right now, we’d be able to direct the fees NFT Key collects back to the project so that they could be reinvested in the project and community.

This marketplace would fit in nicely with any other NFTs (e.g resource NFTs) that will be introduced through the Gamification epochs.


second this, we need an ingame marketplace


I’m thinking this should be a lower priority compared to all the other features users are asking for.

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Just read the topic above, and totally agree.


We will think about our own marketplace, thanks for your ideas.