Tech Tree Tribes: Pioneering Society Development and Progression in Marscolony

Disclaimer: This article includes references inspired by my enthusiasm for the game Polytopia, reflecting its influence on my proposed concepts for Marscolony’s Tech Tree Tribes.


In the realm of the Mars Colony Universe (MCU), an initiative aimed at reimagining societal formation, the introduction of Tech Tree Tribes emerges as a crucial catalyst. This concept not only aligns seamlessly with MCU’s goals but also promises to significantly contribute to the creation and evolution of new societies in a gamified, Web3 space.

MCU’s Core Goals:

  • Vision: To foster the emergence of better societal structures, transcending traditional Earth-based models.
  • Mission: To establish itself as a global playground for constructing and experimenting with new forms of society.
  • Strategy: To execute this vision in the Web3 space, ensuring openness and resistance to censorship.

The Genesis of Tech Tree Tribes

At the heart of Marscolony’s development lies the Tech Tree, a dynamic structure that guides and tracks the progression of its colonists. By integrating the concept of Tech Tree Tribes, Marscolony proposes to add a layer of social structure and competition, further immersing users in a vibrant and interactive environment.

Reference: tech tree of Battle of Polytopia game

The Tribes and Their Roles

Below, we propose several distinct tribes, each with unique benefits and requirements:

  1. Citizen: The backbone of the colony, receiving bonus score for engaging in citizen-centric activities.
  2. Builder: Focused on infrastructure development, gaining additional score for every facility built.
  3. Technologist: The innovators with access to developmental chats and early features.
  4. Influencer: Leveraging social media clout for increased rewards and recognition.
  5. Whale: Starting with substantial resources to fast-track development.
  6. Gamer: A future addition, earning rewards through mission completions.
  7. Trader: Gaining early access to the Liquidity Pool.
  8. Artist: Privileged access to NFT minting features.

Reference: tribes from Battle of Polytopia

The Progression System

The cornerstone of the Tech Tree Tribes is the progression system. Users begin by minting their profile for Harmony App or Polygon App and choosing a tribe. As they engage in various activities aligned with their tribe, they earn score, which is crucial for ascending the leaderboard and unlocking new levels and badges.

The Leaderboard: A Canvas of Competition

An score-based leaderboard, dynamically updated and displayed prominently, fuelling a healthy competitive spirit among colonists. This leaderboard is not just a mere ranking system; it’s a testament to the efforts and strategic choices of each player.

To ensure transparency and in true web3 spirot Leaderboard will be implemented and visualized on-chain in Dune (

Reference: leaderboard Polytopia

Tech Tree Branch Example: The Builder

For instance, a user selecting the Builder branch might start by constructing a base station, earning score and unlocking further levels. As they progress, building more complex facilities, they accumulate more score and prestigious badges like the ‘Architect’ badge.

Implementation and Timeline Note:

We plan a gradual rollout for the Tech Tree Tribes feature in Marscolony, starting with adding tribe options to profiles and a scoring system. This implementation is set to follow immediately after the rescue and resettlement campaign and bug fixes, ensuring early testing and integration within our community’s evolving experience.

Conclusion: A Vision for Interactive Development

The Tech Tree Tribes concept presents a vivid vision of a society where progress is not just a solitary pursuit but a collective, competitive, and rewarding journey. It promises to bring a new dimension to Marscolony, blending strategy, social interaction, and blockchain technology in an innovative and engaging way.


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