Testnet & Beta tester campaign launch

MarsColony Polygon Testnet is live!

Hey guys, we are happy to announce that MarsColony testnet on Polygon is live!

Launch MarsColony Testnet →

Benefits (what you get)

Don’t miss your chance to be the first one who gets access to MarsColony Polygon!

Free NFT Avatars

Every 5th tester gets free Avatar (≈ 30 CLNY). The avatar gives you free access to MarsColony Play to Earn module that allows you to earn CLNY by passing missions on different LandPlots

Exclusive access to NFT Land

Everyone who joins the beta test campaign will be whitelisted and get access to NFT Land plots 24h before the official Public Launch.

Requirements (what you do)

What does a beta tester do?

Beta testers will get early access to the MarsColony Polygon launch for the purposes of finding bugs, suggesting improvements, and helping to create a better Colony.

Beta tester To Do List

*** Click on each step to see detailed instructions

Step 1: Connect your MetaMask to Mumbai-Testnet
  • Follow the instruction


Screenshot 2022-05-26 at 08.49.23

Step 2: Claim test MATIC via Polygon faucet

*** You will receive 1 MATIС, this is enough to fulfill the conditions of the beta campaign.


Step 3: Launch MarsColony dapp and connect your wallet
  • Make sure you are using Mumbai testnet (from Step 1)
  • Launch the MarsColony Testnet
  • Click the CONNECT WALLET button
  • Choose MetaMask
  • Sign the transaction

Connect your wallet

Step 4: Choose a NFT Land plot
  • Choose a piece of land that you would like to claim

Choose a piece and click on it →

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 11.29.24

Step 5: Claim NFT
  • You will see pop-up and click Claim Now for 0.1 MATIC
  • Sign the transaction

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 11.32.14

Step 6: Buy more land plots

You can buy up to 10 land plots, this will help you quickly generate CLNY tokens

Step 7: Claim CLNY tokens

Once you have purchased land, you can collect CLNY tokens for further in dapp purchases

  • Make sure that your land plots generated 60 CLNY (30 for building base station + 30 for buying avatar)
  • Click Collect ALL button
  • Sign the transaction

Claim CLNY

Step 8: Build Base Station

Now you have enough CLNY to build a base station

  • Select your land plot and enter in by pressing the login button

Enter to the plot

  • At the bottom of the screen, click the Upgrade button
  • Select a base station and place it on the screen
  • Sign the transaction

Build base station

Beautiful, right?

Base station success

Step 9: Buy Avatar

Make sure that you have 30 CLNY

  • Go to the main menu and in the lower-left corner click the MINT FOR 30 CLNY button
  • Sign the transaction

Mint Avatar

Step 10: Complete the mission
  • Go to the main menu and click Start Mission button

Start the mission

  • You will have access to the mission Coding Challenge
  • Select mission, sign transaction and try to figure out the code

Select mission

A little hint, after 5 minutes our AI will solve the code for you, so don’t worry

Hey, we’re almost there! After the AI decrypts the code, you need to collect the reward.

  • Move to the right side of the screen
  • Click to COLLECT button
  • Sign the transaction

Collect XP

Step 11: Fill this form to reserve NFT land on mainnet.
Step 12: Make sure everything went well

*If all conditions are done, reload the main page and you will see this message.


Step 13: Retweet this post and tag 3 friends


The job is done!

Join MarsColony Discord and get your beta tester role :alien:
Follow our Twitter to see the winners!


May 25 → Beta tester campaign launch

June → Exclusive Claiming of NFT Land plots window (for beta testers only)
June → Finish the beta campaign
June → Distribution of Avatar NFT to the winners
TBD → Polygon Public Launch

Ready ? Join Beta now →


Mars Colony Polygon Beta Launch - YouTube - LETS GO!

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I am testing :v:t2:


Hey, @CryptoLamb thank you for the video! Sharing in our channels now!

Hey, Martians

Results of the 0xPolygon beta-test campaign came out :tada:

:question: Who are the winners :point_right:t2: click here

:date: When NFT will be available :point_right:t2: Already, check your wallet

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Ahhh, I didn’t get this one either :frowning: