Testnet: our testing apps

Hey Martians!

In this post we’ll keep actual information about our public apps on different testnets.

Testnet for Harmony app

Once we had a public Harmony testnet app on the Harmony testnet. Now we moved our testing process to Avalanche Fuji testnet – just because it is a bit more stable (but we’re not moving to avalanche, just using their compatible with Harmony testnet)

The app is here: https://testnet-auto.marscolony.io/
Thx to @andi for asking to share our testing app on the last AMA in discord

Currently a revshare branch is on this domain – still under our internal testing process, but working – you can get Fuji testnet CLNY (not real CLNY) for missions there.

Besides, there are already open sourced contracts for the revshare feature – deployed to the testnet and waiting for some final tests

Testnet for Polygon app

It is public since the very start: https://testnet.marscolony.io/
There are avatars and missions, which are going to be deployed to Polygon

If we deploy some new features to our testnet servers, we will make the community know it by posting updates here :slight_smile:

P.S. in the future all the networks with different options, features (testnets get features first), tokenomics (harmony vs polygon) will be in the one and only app on the main domain. But this task doesn’t have the biggest priority now

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Awesome! Can’t wait for the revenue share and other upcoming features.

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Fuji public testnet updated

The app is here: https://testnet-auto.marscolony.io/

New things:

  • landscape mode refactored – shall work much smoother now
  • chain switching function if wrong chain is selected

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Like the chain switch function.

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