The future of Mars

Hello fellow space travelers, this is my first post on the forum so forgive me if it’s a little scattered. It seems as though the announcement from yesterday has caused a pretty big dispute and in a way has pitted bigger holders against smaller holders. I have a proposal that I believe will greatly benefit not only these two groups but also newer players who are unable to buy land plots.

In the spirit of P2E, we obviously want a mechanism of “Playing to Earn”, however instead of avatars being used to obtain the original value of our plots, we could use them as multipliers. The mechanism of how this would work is as follows:

Each land plot will receive a 5% CLNY multiplier bonus for completing quest(s) of the day
In order to complete a quest, 2 things will be needed. 1) Avatar 2) Oxygen tank

Oxygen tanks will be purchased with CLNY which will be burned.

Those who don’t have time or maybe just too many lands to complete all of their quests in a given day will be able to open guild halls, where they will provide oxygen tanks to avatars who will complete their quests for them. Owners of the guild halls will be able to offer a set commission fee to any avatars that wish to do work on their land, so there will be competition between guilds to offer the most attractive fees.

While this model would increase inflation of CLNY, it also introduces more incentives to build on land (5% boost more effective), as well as introduces a brand new burn mechanism (oxygen tanks). So the impact of inflation would be somewhat mitigated.

This was a random idea that I had about an hour ago, so all the complexities of how everything would work aren’t ironed out, but I believe this system would be far more beneficial to all holders than the current proposal. Thanks for reading :slight_smile: