The team's plans for a potential further crash and/or a crypto winter

It is no secret that the economy is not doing well. Crypto has crashed 50% in just a couple months. There are a lot of things looming such as the US interest rates hiking, a potential war, and a huge stock market correction incoming. Obviously no one can perfectly predict the future. These things may never happen and this could be the lowest the crypto market goes. But if things go much lower, the first things to die out are new projects in crypto.

There are most definitely ways to prepare for un unfortunate event like this. I’ve posed questions in the TRANQ and Ender’s Gate discord to see how they’ve prepared for the possibility. I got answers from both that they keep a large stash in stablecoin for this scenario. I want to know what our team is doing to prepare for a potential economic crisis. Are they keeping their crypto in stable or are they betting on Harmony to not go down? If we reach a crypto winter and BTC reaches 10k and Harmony goes back to .05, will Mars be able to operate and survive during this time?

Knowing the team’s preparation will greatly alleviate a lot of fears investors may have in case of a further crash while watching all the prices go down. A response of the team’s plan for this scenario would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


I believe community is the key to survival thats why I think Harmony and most of the projects would survive, obviously its hard to predict things and say that it will definitely survive but I am more on the positive side. Although if we are facing a massive economic crisis(and everything is pointing at it) I think worrying about crypto wouldn’t be high on the list for people. What is very worrying is the works that are on going on the CBDC and they are definitely advancing at a fast pace.An economic crisis would be a good opportunity for them to replace the current financial structure and implement CBDC.