Tutorial: How to provide liquidity and earn rewards

LP Tutorial

So you want to provide liquidity and earn a solid APR powering the Mars Colony? Great! So do I. I’ve gone ahead and done the work of figuring out how, so you don’t have to.

Step 1 — Acquire SLP (SushiSwap LP tokens, NOT smoothlovepotions)

At this stage, “providing liquidity” to earn CLNY rewards is actually providing liquidity for the ONE<>CLNY pair on SushiSwap, receiving SLP tokens in return, and then locking those tokens in the Mars Colony app.

Here’s how:

1a. Go to app.sushi.com/add

1b. Connect your wallet

1c. Set the pair to CLNY and ONE

1d. Confirm the transaction (must supply equal values of both CLNY and ONE)

Congratulations! You’ve now provided liquidity to the pair on SushiSwap. In return, you’ll automatically receive SLP to your wallet, which you can lock in the Mars Colony app once LP goes live.

Note: You may need to import the SLP token to your wallet. You can find the token details on the Harmony Explorer here.

Step 2 — Lock your SLP

2a. Enter the app: https://app.marscolony.io/

2b. Click on the “Account” menu item (previously “My land”) and click on arrow to open liquidity mining menu

2c. click to “Approve SLP”

You will need to approve your slp tokens in your metamask wallet pop-up

2d. Once approved, select the amount of SLP to stake and after that click on the arrow to confirm it

And also approve transaction in metamask pop-up. Viola!

Step 3 — Claim rewards

To claim your CLNY rewards you simply need to click on “Claim” button and approve transaction in your metamask wallet.

Step 4 - Unstake SLP tokens.

4a. Just type in the amount of SLP tokens to unstake and then click on the arrow in the right corner.

4b. After that, you only need to approve the transaction in Metamask wallet. That’s all there is to it! Once the transaction is finished you can swap your SLP tokens to CLNY and ONE back on sushiswap!