[Tutorial] How to upgrade your NFT Land

Congratulations on becoming an NFT Landlord! :partying_face:

To make your NFT Land more valuable, you can build improvements on it in the form of base upgrades. First, login to the MarsColony app with the wallet that holds your NFT Land:

Launch Mars Colony App

Conncet the wallet

Click “Connect wallet” in the top right corner and login with Metamask or WalletConnect.

Check what you see in the app

If you have any NFT land plots in the wallet you logged in with, you will see them on the left side of your screen:

Get into your land plot

You’ll need CLNY tokens to start building land improvements. If you have enough CLNY, just click the “Door” button and go inside it.

Place facilities on your land plot
  1. Push the “Build” button and open the improvement window.
  2. Choose the needed facilities.
  3. Place it anywhere you want.

Sign the transaction

Sign the transaction with Metamask by clicking “Confirm”, and wait a few seconds.

Check the status

After this action, wait 20 seconds and check that your facility has already been built. If not, please reload the page in your browser.

So easy, right ? :wink:

Happy building! Be sure to make a post if you have ideas on how to make MarsColony better place.

I’ve been trying to upgrade the land for two days now. The transaction cannot be completed. I have enough CLNY and ONE tokens. Could you please help?

What is the error? Might be RCP issue.