UCR unlock prices

After the crate unlock feature was released, very few crates have been opened so far for a few reasons in my opinion as follows:

  1. Because the price of CLNY is too low, the amount of CLNY used to open is too much.
  2. The real benefit of opening the box now is unknown.

This is not good for the game.

In order to harmonize everyone’s opinions and attract players to open more crates, which in turn leads to more CLNY being burned, I suggest a combination of dynamic and static prices as follows:

First, will choose the amount of CLNY to open the classes of the crates. Example: 20/45/70 CLNY for Common/Rare/Legend.

Second, will choose the highest value in $ that people accept to unbox for Common. For example, max $1 for Common. From here it will work out with 20CLNY and the price of CLNY is $0.05.

If the price of CLNY <= $0.05, the static option will be applied, always use 20 CLNY to open the Common box.

If the CLNY price is > $0.05, the dynamic option will start, meaning the amount of CLNY used will be less if the CLNY price is higher.

Note: all numbers above are examples only. The official numbers will be decided through voting.

The same will calculate the corresponding numbers for Rare / Legend.

The following chart will better illustrate this combination.

There was a vote, the majority was by far for the variant 2-4-8 usd. If someone doesn’t have a clny, he should buy a few, which I would have done. This is the only way we can get money into the project. You can’t invest nothing and then expect profits.

The crates will also open when the game needs it. At the moment this is not the case. When we’re ready I’ll open mine, even if I have to sacrifice a few $ for clny.

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we buy lands, buy avis and you said it’s no investment

If you have countries and avis, you should also have clny. I have many countries and avis therefore also many clny that I have never sold before. And when the game is ready, they will also be used.

I certainly own some CLNY but I’m mentioning the price right now is not reasonable to open. And what I’m suggesting is to reach more people, not just a few individuals.

By opening the crates, which is a bit expensive, they also gain strength.

In my proposal it is also stated that the official CLNY number used to open the crates will be voted on. You can still choose high if you want.

If there’s only a small group of players, who would the potential item you’ve earned sell to?

I’m not selling my boxes, I’ll need them later for the mession. We already have over 5000 boxes, what will they be worth when they open for 20 clny? how much clny will we burn?

why do you just think about burning CLNY to reduce supply but not thinking about increasing players to both increase demand and reduce supply?

and why do you keep talking about 20 CLNY? It’s just an example figure to understand the proposed way. People can choose a higher number that is more appropriate for the situation now.

Which player are you talking about? Who aren’t even willing to pay $2 to open a box. I think the project needs outside money again. If we just carry on with the clny earned, how much longer will we exist?

If people find it beneficial, they will come in. Now spend $ 2 to do nothing while every day with 1 land and 1 champion only earns a few CLNY.

Therefore, in the current situation, we need to burn a lot of clny so that the price increases, and earning a clny becomes interesting.

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IMO the dev team originally got the system of opening Utility Crates right using a dollar value dynamically converted into CLNY. This makes sense and is very flexible. The method isn’t really the issue, neither is the CLNY opening price…it is JUST the dollar cost of opening that currently presents a ‘somewhat perceived’ problem.

Personally I opened a couple common crates for S&Gs but that’s it. Won’t be touching any more until mining rewards are understood and the need is there. Opening for openings sake is very wasteful of the CLNYs.

I disagree with the dollar pricing structure that was chosen (voted for 1/1.5/3) but am waiting for mining to be released to see what UCs can actually net us before claiming there is a balance issue.