Upgrade x time calculator

Hello guys, I just wish to let you guys know that I have deployed and made available a sheet that calculates the estimated time that your lands will produce enough CLNY to achieve achieve each upgrade phase based on the number of your plots.

You can download it at


Also, if there’s any request, just let me know, maybe I can make something else.

Ps: it’s nothing fancy.

a google sheets spreadsheet is preferable for security reasons :slight_smile:

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Didn’t though about it. Maybe it can work? The sheet is quite big due to the formulas. Like 15mb. It can be shared like that?

Update: managed to upload it to google sheets. But for some reason it didn’t worked as expected. Maybe its too heavy for it. Meanwhile I’ll keep it only in the original place. Feel free to use it. Only download from there also. Going to explore other availability options, or going to try to embedded it.