Vehicle/Mobile home NFT for non landowners

I was thinking i might be cool to create a set of NFT’s that reprisent a vehicle or mobile home of sortsfor use by those who do not own any land.
Holders of such NFT’s could then move from area to area and (temporarily) settle on the land of others and earn CLNY at the cost of a small fee to the land owner.
The amount earned and could vary based on a combination of factors like the plot, it’s upgrades and perhaps some parameters set by the owner.
Variations in the type of Vehicle could also play a part, it could for instance have attributes that make it best suited to work with a specific type of plot upgrade.

What do you guys think of this?

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but only if you pay rent on my land you have to park it on :slight_smile: Very cool idea though.

I like it. Maybe mobile homes and spaceships can be available. Make it so rovers/mobile homes can only move a certain distance per day while spaceships can circumnavigate the planet at will but will be a more expensive option.