Was told to ask here for help

For the life of me I can’t get my metamask to load into the app. I’ve spent all day trying and feel I’m making things worse the more I try.

When I try to set up my wallet to marscolony.io I get prompted to go back to browser and it is frozen at loading. I’ve bought an additional 30 clny that I can’t access.

I really don’t know what to do, can’t find any tutorials online. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong

hey @Thebigeasy which browsers do you use ?

@Lyagushka can you please support and help to trouble shot the issue ?

I’ve tried them all, brave, chrome and Firefox all within metamask browser and just normal browsing on phone.

Hey, app could not work on phone browsers, we’re working on it, you can try to reset your network, but if you wont succeed guess the only way is to use app on desktop

Will look out my old laptop tonight and check it on that. Cheers