Weekly Update 28.2.22

Hey everyone, it’s been a week.

As you all know, Ukraine was invaded by Russia last week. Once again, the people of that country have banded together to stand up for themselves against giants.

And they’re fucking doing it.

But as you might not know, nearly half of the Mars Colony team is Ukrainian, and most others are Russian. None of us want this war. Of course the team is standing together. Everyone is safe and continues to build this grand dream of ours.

But with so many of us directly affected, it’s been a heavy week. Thank you for the support and encouragement you’ve all offered. Seriously, it’s meant the world.

Despite everything, we haven’t slowed down. From a Harmony investment that over 300 of us decided together (that’s more than most fully-fledged DAOs!), and the next big release just a day or two away, there have been many highs amid the lows this week.


:white_check_mark: — We finished testing land visualization and resolved any bugs we found.

:white_check_mark: — We finished configuring the ability to place buildings on land plots.

:white_check_mark: — We added a zoom feature to the plot view.

:white_check_mark: — We built the UI kit for land interaction/plot view.

:white_check_mark: — We are finalizing the initial economics of in-game quests

:white_check_mark: — We continued building the complexity mechanics for avatar generations, such as skin color and attributes.

:white_check_mark: — We’re preparing to launch the next version of Mars Colony, fixing bugs before official launch.


:white_check_mark: — We held AMA after AMA (mostly in Discord, one on Twitter Spaces). You rocked them all with your ideas and questions.

:white_check_mark: — We secured $250,000 in investing funding from Harmony’s Project X :tada:

:white_check_mark: — You voted to pass the Project X investment Proposal nearly unanimously.

:white_check_mark: — We teased you on Twitter, a lot :wink:

:white_check_mark: — Ukraine survived the week, and stood strong for itself.

Thanks for being a part of this journey. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.


— brother.

Oh, and Слава Україні! :ukraine:


great work! keep it up and my prayers are with your fams =)


Great team, one community, one family, Mars Colony :pray:


Great! Be strong!


What an awesome project and great team and strong community :muscle: please remain safe. :pray:

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A Solid team :muscle:

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:ukraine: :blue_heart: :ru:


Thanks for weekly updates and great to know all team in Ukraine are safe and secured. Team and their families Safety and Peace are the most top priority. Keep up the great work and appreciate for the updates! We will stand together and get through!

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Great work as always, stay safe guys.

Stay safe, team. Slava Ukraini!

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Firstly Thank You for letting us know the team is safe (nothing to do with Mars, just love both countries’ citizens)
And Super progress Team. Wow!

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This is why we believe in this project with team members like this backed by an amazing community it could only go to new heights keep safe on both sides and hope everyone gets through this :pray:

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Great work team :ukraine: warm wishes for the russian part of the team too, you are not Putin


Big respects to the team for showing such strength in this trying times. Hope peace and common sense prevails. :pray::blue_heart:

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Glad to learn you are all safe and well…. Hoping that all this passes soon.

Thank you :pray: for the amazing work…

It’s a messy place… earth. I’m glad we took the trip to mars!
And now seriously… stay safe guys, hope ur all safe. Take care of urself and ur family. :pray:t2:


Was not aware the team was mostly Ukrainian and Russian, may you all stay safe and avoid conflict :pray:

Great work, you’re all doing great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Great work team!! Btw the update looks amazing!!! :+1: