Weekly Update 7.3.22

A lot happened last week.

Team members in or from Russia and Ukraine have had to adapt, not only to the stress of war and unstable governance, but also to continuing to live and work despite such conditions. They’re doing better than I would, and so, I wanted to call it out. To appreciate it.

But beyond that, development progress has been made. A new release, an audit, and preparations for our next launch. A lot is coming.

Many of you have offered incredibly thoughtful and interesting ideas about avatars, gameplay, and DeFi in Mars Colony. Late this week or early next, I will catch you all up to speed on what we’re thinking both short and long-term, so we can implement more meaningful frameworks for discussion, and you all can continue to shape this project more directly.

Don’t forget about your ideas, and don’t let me forget either.

[Soon], there will be a newer step toward our future of DAO governance, and you’ll know more clearly what it is we’re planning :smiling_imp:

But until then, here’s what we’ve generally been up to:


:white_check_mark: — We released the new map view which allows you to place buildings and upgrade directly from your plot.

:white_check_mark: — We fixed bugs that were causing some users issues trying to view the new map.

:white_check_mark: — We finished avatar designs (save some few finishing touches or final changes).

:white_check_mark: — We are now working on the UX flow and minting logic for the avatar release.

:white_check_mark: — We finished the SpaceXchange interior design and game logic.

:white_check_mark: — We are building the quest UI.

:white_check_mark: — We began a security audit across releases.

:white_check_mark: — We are finalizing the launch details of the DEX (SpaceXchange).


:white_check_mark: — We messed around in a few unofficial Discord AMAs, including a Harmony Developer DAO Twitter Space. Many of you also shared intriguing ideas for the project during these calls.

:white_check_mark: — I vetted a few Communications/Marketing hire candidates for approval by the team.

:white_check_mark: — After successful trial with the Mediator and Artist roles, we are preparing to launch the Ambassador role in full force shortly (though, not necessarily Crypto Twitter’s idea of “shortly”).

I know it’s been a quiet week since the last release, and we’ve got a lot of energy in anticipation of multiple coming releases this month. It will all have somewhere to go soon, as I’m writing posts with more details like I referenced in the intro.

In the meantime, thanks for being an unusually patient and encouraging crypto community.

I appreciate you. We all do.




Thanks for updating Brother!


huge respect to the team :pray:


Thank you for the weekly update. Forward. :v::sunglasses:


Be safe team :slight_smile:


Given what you guys are going through it’s awesome work. Thanks for pushing through it, but still look after yourselves and be safe, and no matter what, people should hold on and stay with the project to show support. You are really doing something outstanding, given the conflict that’s unfolding and I can’t even imagine how tough it is right now on all different levels to keep the focus


Cheers brother :smiley:


Kudo to the team who continues to build and deliver even at such global situation… thank you


Wonderful update. Lots of exciting things coming to our project. I hope anyone dealing with fallout from the war will ask the community for help if you need it. We’re all willing to help if we can.

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Thanks for the update! Which company is doing the security audit?

:blush: thanks for all of your hard woork. Stay safe. And well lets all just move to Mars…

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Thank you for the updates! Stay safe :pray:

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Thank you, this is a lot of progress despite the situation. I hope things get to normal as soon as possible.