What is really needed ASAP

I see that team is focusing on releasing things that don’t actually resolve our issue about increasing CLNY burn and utility, while making it attractive and fun to interact with Mars Colony.
These are a few ideas that I believe should be implemented right away or as soon as possible:
1. Random mars worm attacks throughout the planet that daily steal 25% of the planet production of CLNY, how? By randomly attacking 50% of the lands NFTs and stealing in those lands 50% of the daily production of CLNY;
2. A way to prevent and defend the landowner’s production? To give them the ability to buy with CLNY: shield generators, defensive turrets, plasma wall and long-range sensors, each of these defences reducing the amount of stolen CLNY by 25% until it hits 0% but with a catch, in order to be able to build and maintain these defences working, they will have to have a new building called Security Hub and this security hub will consume 10% of daily CLNY production on that plot of land.
3. The ability to create in-game Guilds that costs CLNY and have a diplomacy stand with one another (War/Peace/Allied) costing CLNY for any change but all starting with Peace. And also, the ability to have a flag/logo for the Guild (paid with CLNY) and see in the planet map a colour distinction between different stands and different Guilds etc…
4. An in-game marketplace where we can buy and sell all MC related NFTs for CLNY with the addition of new NFTs like: security forces NFTs and raiders NFTs. Security forces NFTs are used to defend the land NFTs in a Guild and the raiders NFTs are used to attack the land NFTs in another Guild in order to steal 50% of their daily CLNY production for 24h. The security forces NFTs and raiders NFTs will be burned according to who wins the battle, the winning side will only lose 10% of their NFTs (raiders or security forces depending if it was attacking of defending) and the losing side will lose 50% of their NFTs. Also, if the winning side is the attacker, he will grab 50% of those Guild lands production of CLNY for 24h and win a victory point on the Guild’s page, which when reaches like 10 points will grant a beautiful Trophy image in the Guild’s page and a 30% discount for 24h to buy in the marketplace more security forces and raiders NFTs. The attacked Guild, has a cool off period of 48h where it can’t be attacked by anyone, but can attack any of its enemies. The game mechanics for who wins in a battle will be determined by quantity and level of the raiders and security forces NFTs, and also existing defences in ALL land NFTs of the attacked Guild. Security forces and raiders NFTs can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5 by spending CLNY, but each level will also require that the Guild has at least 1 Avatar type or more:

Level 1 – buy in the marketplace with CLNY;
Level 2 – upgrade in-game with CLNY but requires you to have a Miner Avatar in the Guild, a base station and a power plant level 1 in every land NFT;
Level 3 – upgrade in-game with CLNY but requires you to have a Miner and a Technician Avatars in the Guild, a base station, a transport level 1, power plant level 1, and a robot assembly level 1 in every land NFT;
Level 4 – upgrade in-game with CLNY but requires you to have a Miner, a Technician and a Programmer Avatars in the Guild, a base station, a transport level 2, power plant level 2, and a robot assembly level 2 in every land NFT;
Level 5 – upgrade in-game with CLNY but requires you to have a Miner, a Technician, a Programmer and a Scientist Avatars in the Guild, a base station, a transport level 3, power plant level 3, and a robot assembly level 3 in every land NFT;

The ration of strength between raiders and security forces starts 1:1 in level 1, but at each level they gain 25% more strength, so if a Guild attacks with 1 raider level 5 NFT against another Guild with 1 security force level 2 NFT, they will have a 2 : 1.25, winning the attacking side.
BUT there is another thing that affects this battle mechanics, if the attacked Guild has ALL of it’s plots with shield generators, it gains 25% strength of its security forces NFTs, and if it has all the 4 defences buildings constructed in all its land NFTs then it will have 4x25%=100% gain of strength in their security forces NFTs.
Example: Guild A attacks Guild B with 10 raiders level 5 and Guild B has 5 security forces level 2 and all 4 defences buildings constructed in ALL land NFTs, then the battle calculations of who wins will be:

Guild A Forces Strength(Attacker)
Guild B Strength (Defender)

The attacker (Guild A) wins the battle.



Beautiful please devs gives us this!!


Awesome ideas @father please have a look at this it can be a great way to control clny emissions

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@father @brother @eugenefinch @Lyagushka


I suggest discussing p2e module with @eugenefinch and @Lyagushka. They work on it.

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What does @eugenefinch and @Lyagushka think about this?

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@father do you yourself have any feedback? I understand you are project lead, so it would be nice to hear your thoughts. OP clearly put some time and effort into these ideas.

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hey there, I’m actually a project lead. We do have our own logic and plan that we are going to be putting in place.
Some of these ideas are fine, but not all of them will fit into overall concept.
I will definitely take a look, thanks

First off, thanks for the thoughts and I do appreciate your time putting it into a concept.

However, I would not fully agree with you on some points.

First, point about stealing production. Landowners will not be earning a lot of passive income once missions are live. There are definitely going to be a fixed part (UBI), but the majority of tokens will be earned on a revenue share basis - when explorer (avatar holder plays on your land). In addition to that we wil introduce facility amortization ,where landowners have to regularly maintain for example transport facilities in order to enable missions there.

When missions are played, there’s going to be instances when a sand worm attacks you, and you lose your earning, so that’s something I think we are both aligned on.

On point #2 - something can be explored.

Point #3 Also potential. Once guilds will start to join, we can bring functionality to them like that.

Point #4 Marketplace is coming. We slightly de-prioritized it as we want to roll out missions and gameplay first, but that’s in plan

Overall, I like your points, and we will definitely review them.


The majority of income will come from missions not lands ? what is the actual split going to be ?
What is the actually split or reduction to current emissions? i thought it was staying to half for the landowner?

Hey, @7Danos 49% will be split between all NFT holders including Landlords and Avatars.

Important is that NFT Landlords will be able to make decisions on how much revenue share they are willing to give to avatars. Basically each landlord will be able to make own decision on it.

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so for clarity the 49% is the landowners but at the discretion of the land owner additional amounts can be shared …and all of this is outside the original 2 CLNY per day.
is this correct?

Thank you for the response … !

@eugenefinch can bring more clarity for this :slight_smile: