What upgrades are you making on your plots?

Brand new to the space, and just purchased 3 plots! Super excited about the space and can’t wait to see what happens.

Question: I’m in the process of upgrading (just added a base station and Level 1 power production to one of my plots) and I’m curious why the Level 1 upgrade (at a 120 CLNY cost, with a 2+ token/day reward) is a much better deal than a Level 2 upgrade (at a 270 CLNY cost, which only gives a 1+ token/day reward)?

Is there any benefit down the road to having a plot with all 3 capabilities, or to specialize with a Level 3, but only in, say, Power Production?



would love to hear the answers to these questions… as I am not so clear either.

Hopefully devs will reply about this

we all would like to know these answers lol !!