Avatar collection, call to all artists [Completed]

Hey Martians,

Following our principles to enable transparency community first-approach, we would like to call for artists to help us design avatars for MarsColony project.

If you are an artist and you want to help us design avatar collection for Martians, please prepare a few design samples following the below requirements and share it with us in comments by Feb 03, 12 PM UTC.

Next steps:

  • Decision making: The community will decide on the artist to create avatar collection for Mars Colony.
  • Compensation: Compensation will include both monetary reward as well as a piece of land on Mars.

About avatars:

Avatars will play a valuable role in the MarsColony project. Martians can use characters to represent their identity and will be able connect them with their land.


  • Total collection size - 21 thousand avatars.

  • Collection theme - Colonisation, Terraformation of Mars, Cyberpunk, Sci-fi.

  • Art style - Pixel art / 3D/2D games

  • Avatar style: bust (include only upper body)


All avatars will be minted with MarsColony smart contracts by users, which will later become tradable on secondary market via NFTkey


Good day sir is this 21k avatars are will be used for CLNY minted? If you have a land? Or is it airdropped for land owners? Sir @eugenefinch


Free airdrop for land owners? Or mint using CLNY sir? And if mint using CLNY where will CLNY go? Treasury? Or burned? Thanks


Does it make sense to have an avatar per land plot? or is it better to have an avatar per owner? … If the avatar is supposed to represent me, should it not also represent me on all the plots I own? Or am I splitting into different avatars? I think an airdrop to each land owner makes sense one per plot, and the land owner can choose which avatar to select as their identity. The others could be used as “citizens” of the colony and would help contribute to the commerce. These could be the GEN 0 avatars. GEN 1, 2, 3, could then be minted (similar to puff) as the demand rises and can be used as colonists to add value to land plots, etc. Initial thought on this. I’m still thinking about how this could work.


I believe it should be minted using CLNY, this will create a use case and buy pressure for CLNY. It is technically considered an ‘airdrop’ for landowner since we are getting CLNY from our lands…non land owners will have to purchase CLNY from the market in order to mint


Everyone will be able to mint the Avatars no matter if they own a land or not is how I understand it. Which makes sense to open the doors for more players. I don’t think any airdrop should be done btw since land owners already are producing CLNY. What I would like to see though, is CLNY being used as the token for this minting process for the sake of setting the standard so that CLNY becomes the actual in game currency for everything besides lands from now on.


if given the chance i will make my own avatar for the land i own in marscolony, it must be really good

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Helmet, Neck, Cape, Body, Loop and Background color are all changeable


Yup, minting happens by burning CLNY.


Good day @MockieToxie . Avatars will be minted for CLNY.

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Hello I would like to submit my designs for the avatars.

There are 7 traits = helmet/headwear (5-6 variations), mouth (6 variations), eyes (5-6 variations), clothes (5 variations), objects (6 variations), skin color (5 variations), background (4-5 variations).

If picked, I am open to collaboration with the team to help create a product that the community would be happy with.


I present to you my variations for the Martian colonies. I will be very happy to work with you!


Hello Martians
I’m submitting my design for avatar.
This is how I see avatars for Mars Colony, hope you like it.
All is hand draw maid.


This is the one that i like the most so far, nice one :wink:


Looking dope Piximan!

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Thank you,glad you like it

Hello Martians,

Here are 6 examples of my submission for the avatars!
Hope y’all like it!

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Quite original approach :slight_smile:


@PixiMan you are the god here :wink:


PixiMan gets my vote, whether it’s this iteration or something else from him. Pixel art is getting a bit tired in my opinion, let’s look at doing something unique for Mars.