Bridge architecture


We are considering creating a bridge or using an existing one to bridge native Harmony CLNY token to new wrapped hCLNY token on Polygon.

First utility of it will be that we will allow buying Polygon Land Plots using this wrapped hCLNY token (and burning it). We have asked several guys in community about it and have had positive comments on it, so here I’d like to formalize one of possible conceptions and ideas.

So how I propose it to work:

  1. Harmony user makes a transaction for bridging their tokens (to GameManager contract on Harmony)

  2. GameManager contract then burns this amount of CLNY token and emits Bridge event with destination address and token amount

  3. We will create and deploy a separate secure service (MarsColony trusted server) which will catch Bridge events and create messages with destination addresses and CLNY amounts. Then this information will be visible on a public endpoint (message catalog or something), accessible to everyone

  4. We will introduce open source relayer – an app which gets new signed messages for bridging from our public endpoint and sends bridging transactions to GameManager contract on Polygon. We will encourage community members to keep such relayers live to make bridge working and reliable and earn fees from each transaction. Also we will keep our own relayers not to fully depend on external ones.

About the bridging transaction: anyone can send it. GameManager gets information from a signed message, checks that the message is legit (was signed by MarsColony trusted server), mints hCLNY token to the end user and sends fees to relayer and to MarsColony

  1. Same workflow backwards: just change Harmony to Polygon and vise versa on the pictures above

And some words about utility of hCLNY token on Polygon:

  1. Firstly (that’s the current aim of this bridging) we will make option to claim Polygon lands with hCLNY. Not the full supply of lands, maybe 50% or another part. Prices will be proportional to current prices in MATIC – we will have some oracles to push MATIC price and CLNY price regularly (besides we can get MATIC price from DEXes) and let Polygon GameManager contract know this data and calculate the final price. As for discount for these hCLNY claims – we haven’t decided it yet, ideas?
  2. hCLNY-pCLNY pair on a DEX – we are going to have a further discussion about it.
  3. Will appreciate more ideas for using hCLNY token on Polygon. Shall we also bridge pCLNY back to Harmony? Why?

Do you know how much would it take to buy one land on Polygon?

Hey Andi! Added some information about it into the start post. Prices shall depend on CLNY and MATIC rates

I have an idea, if the avatars come to Polygon they should only be available in hclny. I’ll think about it and I’m sure I’ll have a lot of ideas. Overall, I think the bridging is a very important step for the project.

I think bridging both ways would be a very good idea, as it would merge both planets. There would be a lot of people who want to be part of both, who would like to use clny cross both planets. This would benefit that, more clny will get burned.


Brigding both ways are a great proposal!!

Wouldn’t this idea just make pCLNY worth less than it should be?


Could you pls explain more, how will it make pCLNY less worthy?

Yeah sure! If you can use hCLNY as pCLNY then it just increases total max supply doesn’t it? Or would it go off value?

So if (FOR EXAMPLE) hCLNY = $1 and pCLNY = $5 you’d need to swap 5 hCLNY for 1 pCLNY?

Just wondering if you’ve looked into what effects doing this would have on the economy and what results you came up with :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean to use both same way. Just to have hCLNY additionally to pCLNY on polygon. And maybe later if we will have hCLNY-pCLNY pair it will surely have real rates

So we will have just a portal to harmony economy in polygon

What sort of time scale would this take to introduce?

As a plot owner on polygon don’t I just want people to buy my pCLNY to use on polygon Mars?


Not so long, bridges is a well investigated sphere

As for pCLNY it is a different topic, we can discuss it in a different thread

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Using hclny on polygon planets. It breaks out Covid-19 on Mars. The vaccine is only available on the Polygon Planet with the hclny. All avatars not vaccinated will be locked away for two weeks.:joy::joy::joy:

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im not seeing it …we do not have enough people running missions now … not sure how another 3400 plots is going to change anything ? its going to devalue the poly side and pcolony will have even less value … not sure why an owner of poly lands would get ANY value out of this ? We will once again DEVALUE the land owners position … look at the devasting effect this already has had on Harmony side.

There is little or no reason to upgrade with the current emissions environment … we pay for the upgrade and then the emissions are gone because there is not enough people playing …this is not going to change by the current proposal - Why would it? so we can sell more lands that are not and will be used ? (Does not encourage anything) selling out the lands will be accomplished by PROVIDING VALUE to the person who would BUY IT !!

The best suggestion i heard to keep balance is to have a a share of the upgrades go to the landowner AND the explorer at say 50% each … (i do not love the cut BUT it solves the problem so i would agree to it). now you need both …to make it work …land owner has to upkeep (for their profit) and explorer gets rewards as well … upkeep items need have to come from poly AND vise versa … now we have a REASON to be on both … this has to happen FIRST … because it CREATES economy (or demand for something) -

Now the question is how do we get more players ? The same answer … provide value ! and on this side value can and should be FUN as well ! creative interaction to the gameplay … strategy some thing that is fun … like different finds while running missions for variety and then different utilities form there different planets might really have value … NOW you have reasons for the bridge.
doing the bridge first will only devalue and that attracts nobody and erodes trust

We need UTILTIY things to SPEND on things that are in the game - interactive … and this has to happen first ! ! bridge after or at the same time … create DEMAND for the LAND And MISSIONS and PEOPLE will come because the current players are winning AND having FUN !!! @eugenefinch


Yeah. Bigly. The game needs to be fun. It’s simply not fun right now. Weak lore, no community input, weak games. There’s no reason to play this game right now. There’s no updates, no progress. We need more!

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Hey 7Danos, thanks for opinion.

Some questions:

why another 3400 plots will make pCLNY less valued? And why 3400 besides.

look at the devasting effect this already has had on Harmony side.

sorry, didn’t get it, which effect?

The best suggestion i heard to keep balance is to have a a share of the upgrades go to the landowner AND the explorer

Missions and revshare mechanism are made exactly for this, or do you mean smth different? Could you pls explain then?

Now the question is how do we get more players ? The same answer … provide value

Getting more players is another hot topic to discuss and doesn’t actually relate to bridging hCLNY. It is a major thing currently too.

Also current proposal provides a new value to hCLNY - that is the aim, to add some utility and cross-chain architecture at the same time – additionally to hCLNY burning for Polygon land plots we will be able to do more “fun” things with this crosschain stuff

As for “simply not fun right now” as CairnAndWeb says – we are working on mining mission and interface revamp right now to make everything more fun as you say. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to work only on visual and lore

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The best suggestion i heard to keep balance is to have a a share of the upgrades go to the landowner AND the explorer

Missions and revshare mechanism are made exactly for this, or do you mean smth different? Could you pls explain then?

Lets start with this one … i think its the most impactful by far … so with the reveshare … the % of share is not working in the manor intended in the original conversations we all had in guilds and in chats … so im not sure where it was changed … but here we go -
we need the share to not eliminate rewards for land owners completely … this makes the land almost worthless … please follow the math to process this … its current 2/3s of a usd cent to a reward by itself is the MAIN problem we have … it would take years to recover the purchase cost so WHY would anyone do it ?
giving up UP TO 50% of the rewards is a fair exchange to bring miners in the FUTURE when we have actual gameplay keeps (didn’t love the give up but understood it and its long term benefit ) but all takes almost 90% of the rewards which the upgrades and lands cost money … why would you upgrade when there is no one to run missions ? im at 71% share to explorer and have now 170 missions not run ! … so its true loss … so now lets follow through the impact … why invest if the value is not there … PRICE PLUMMETS - this PREVENTS people from coming … we are pushing on the wrong side of the equation
and it did …i do not believe that you can attract players in this environment like this … there is simple no reason to be here … the landowners ARE the foundation like it or not that could change if there is enough players but that is a long way off …

i do understand that the token price is a factor as well but this harms that because there is no demand to upgrade ESPECIALLY NOW. (We eliminated the demand by no value to upgrade)
this created great distrust … that there is no respect for the landowners who invested LOTS in the land and the UPGRADES at a MUCH higher price ! lets get that fixed by restoring the value and the rest could come back …
This was a very popular project from many angles …and it could be again … the treatment of early investors is a huge sign that future investors will look at CAREFULLY.

So lets just focus on this ONE thing … im glad to discuss it HERE in CHAT or even DM … .I want us to win and i would like to be part of the solution … VALUE VALUE VALUE will get us there !
Let the community help !!!
The good news is that failure show us where to work to correct things !! We have to own it and learn and try again !! @eugenefinch the big thing is without all of the missions being run its just a penalty to the landowner is also part of the problem … THANK YOU for listening and Im happy to help!!! @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI


Creates a bit of a hassle for new users who just want to play

Moving a bit slowly than planned, as we had to reduce our runway post Harmony bridge hack. Rest be assured, we are working on engaging gameplay for mining mission.
No community input - would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve on that.