Decide on the game-fi graphics

Hey there :v:

As Martians start settling land, building base stations and other facilities, we need better graphics to visualize the process and display the colonies.

To decide on the graphical style, we would like to invite you all to select one of the options below, or propose your own idea. Let us know your thoughts:

  1. 2D Vintage graphics style (e.g. Dune - see here). A 2D concept where martians can see their land from a top-down view, build on it and navigate the Mars map with a retro view.

  2. 3D colonization game style (e.g. Planet base - see here). A 3D concept can be exciting to martians who care more about graphics and realism. Martians can rotate their colony via orbital camera.

  3. [Your idea] Please share how would you want to visualize your colony in the comments section below.

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Other (describe in comments)

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P.S if you are a 3D/2D artist or graphic designer and keen on joining us, please reach out to me @eugenefinch on telegram. We are hiring.


This is a premium Colony experience and my vote is to have premium 3D graphic models, even if it takes longer.


I voted for 3D, but if 3D drastically extends the time frame from release, I think 2D would be just as good.


Keep it simple, fun, profitable, and most importantly…addictive. If u can do this easier in 2D then do that. U can always go to 3D in the future after the success of the game is established.


I voted for 3d, but if we are doing it 2d i’m not mad lol. I’m fine with any of them.


Games need to be addictive. Making a 3d game is not what’s make a game addictive, and will cost more to build.
Once the game play is a success, the user interface can be made 3d later on


I voted 3D but the correct answer to me is whichever the team is best capable of delivering at a high quality and in a reasonable time frame.


Do the one that is the easiest and quickest to implement within the realm of the teams capabilities, keeping it simple …the tokenomics are great, how you treat your community and marketing matter more…


If 2D is done correctly it would be better and easier to execute… 3D can get us in a lot of trouble


Of course 3D passes the eye test, but wont be upset with 2D. Im up for either. i think the main objective would to make it addicting and fun.


3D is cooler, but 2d can be funnier

3D will be much, much more attractive to new users. Especially as Gamefi continues to grow and evolve. We’re still incredibly early guys. All in good time.


Would really love the 3d graphics, this will invite more players but it will be harder to create since the community has a tight budget for now

I read some good suggestions about having 2D first, and after we established a good amount of users, we can go build the 3D concept of it. I like 2D because of it’s easier ways of implementation, but I won’t mind waiting for 5 months to 5 years for the 3D too!

As long as the community is here, any concept would be great👍


I prefer 2D by a lot, so I voted for it, BUT if they make VR support then I would prefer the 3D version. Please bring this to VR


I like this idea
But our budget os tight, maybe after 5 years

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Needs to be 3d (even if pixel or voxel) if we want to put harmony or this game on the map as competition with other gamefi projects like The Sandbox.

Other Harmony gamefi projects aren’t 3D so this will seperate this greatly against any other competition.


2D seems good, but 3D looks amazing!

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2d for speed and getting s started and then upgrade to 3d … not sure how much of a factor that is today with a server based today. also, this is far more the DFK as far as depth visually and i do think that is important to make a difference!

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2D, 3D will take longer and you can upgrade later if anything.


im vote for 3d, but 2d is fine as well

but deep down I wish it would be open world similiar as minecraft/sand