Decrypt mission

Hello there, Martians!

Decrypt mission will be live this week but the explanation post is already here.


A few months after landing on Mars, the colonists began to receive the first strange messages from space. The signal turned out to be encrypted, and even advanced AI could not cope with this task.

Now all the hopes are only on the Martians themselves. What if it’s a call for help? Or the voice of an extraterrestrial civilization?

After completing several missions, it turns out that AI is not as simple as it seems. He deliberately pretended that he could not decipher the message in order to test the colonists and prepare them for new tasks. He seems to have big plans…


Decrypt mission requires Martian’s logic skills and a bit of luck. In this mission, Explorers (Avatar owners) will try to guess the password on the terminal screen filled with words and symbols.

Each mission the terminal screen is being fulfilled with symbols and several words from which Martian should guess the password to unlock the system and open their way to the encryption methods

How to pass:

To guess the word Martian needs to find and tap on one of the words on the screen to start decrypting the password. After this action, Martian will be told how many letters in this word match the exact spot with the password’s or if it’s the password, the system will automatically unlock. Martian has 4 attempts to guess the password and 5 minutes limit, or the mission will fail.


The main difference between Coding and Decrypt missions is the possibility to fail the second one. So with the great responsibility comes the great rewards…
XP rewards - Coding rewards x 1.2
UCR droprate - Coding droprate x 1.5
CLNY rewards - 0.7 multiplier (coming soon, could be changed)


Base difficulty is 5-letter words and 7 words on the screen

Avatars with lvl 10 or more have:

10% chance to have 1 more word on the screen

5% chance to have 6-letter words

Avatars with lvl 20 or more have:

20% chance to have 1 more word on the screen

7.5% chance to have 6-letter words

Avatars with lvl 30 or more have:

30% chance to have 1 more word on the screen

10% chance to have 2 more words on the screen

10% chance to have 6-letter words

5% chance to have 7-letter words

Avatars with lvl 40 or more have:

40% chance to have 1 more word on the screen

15% chance to have 2 more words on the screen

12.5% chance to have 6-letter words

7.5% chance to have 7-letter words

Avatars with lvl 50 or more have:

50% chance to have 1 more word on the screen

20% chance to have 2 more words on the screen

15% chance to have 6-letter words

10% chance to have 7-letter words


This is a great step towards more missions with some details and game complexity :+1:

One question I had @Lyagushka is in the app mission “Message Decrypt (Scientist)” is noted next to the selectable mission. Assuming that means the best profession for this mission is the Scientist…are there benefits to only using a Scientist or will rewards/success rate be even across all professions? Curious on this one if some more detail could be shared.

Thanks! :v:


Great question!

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lookin good.

Great question and it also applies to the other missions.

I’m sure in the future the profession will play a part. Excited to see how this all comes together over the months

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At the first iteration of professions it will only affect on XP gain (small buff or debuff), we’re considering when should we free up some time to add it

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I’ve just tried the mission. I don’t know if I get it right. Here’s my situation from the last decrypt mission:

  • I’ve clicked on word TOXIC and it said that only one letter matches.
  • I’ve clicked on word CHECK and it said that no letter match the password. That means that C H E K are not contained in the password, right? Also that means we can take a C from the TOXIC, and the letters that might be in play are T O X I, but C H E K are definitely not.
  • Next, I’ve clicked on word HOPE just because non of the previous mission’s passwords also didn’t make any sense to me. And it was the right word. It was the right word even after the word CHECK was said to have 0 correct letters. HOPE and CHECK both have letter E.

Like I said, none of the previous 5 missions I’ve played had any sense like this one. Or am I not understanding the mission’s rules? Please help.

More on this…
Here is the list of every word I’ve got in the decrypt mission I’ve played 2 minutes ago:
I’ve chosen BRIEF as a first word, and it had 0 right letters, then I’ve selected MONTH, and it also had 0 right letters. That means letters: B, R, I, E, F, M, O, N, T, H are not in the final word. All the other words that were available to choose had at least one of the letters that are reported not to be in the final word. That makes mission impossible to pass. I’ve picked a few words at random, and I didn’t pass the mission.

Again, this mission wasn’t tested at all, or I’m getting the rules wrong.

Letters should be placed correctly, only then it is a match

It is like Bull and Cows game, but without cows

I think the rules need to be much clearer, with some in game examples as it took me a while to figure it out myself.

When you get a hint like the example below showing 1 correct. It means that 1 letter is correct in the exact position. So looking at the image below, that would be the ‘S’ at the end. The next attempt should be a word with ‘S’ at the end. LISTS was the eventual correct password.

So if your first attempt gave 0 correct letters, then you just make sure the next word you choose doesnt match up letter by letter. If there is a letter that matches in the same position, then you know it is not correct. Once you have 2 failed attempts, its pretty easy to find the answer.

Its a pretty neat mission after you figure out the rules!

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One thing I would like to suggest is that missions incorporate CLNY in some way or the argument or pressure on CLNY use case will never ease.

A free mission or 2 is fine to keep it playable for all, but missions where CLYN is needed to play will help with adding a use case and it can reward players even more. This is the only way you can encourage players to spend and keep CLNY instead of cashing out.

if it costs 5 CLNY to play, give the player a minimum reward of XP with a max reward of 25-50 CLNY. As long as the chance of winning is less than income, then the casino always wins.

This mindset will increase CLNY usage and player engagement as everyone loves the excitement of risk and reward, casinos, gambling and betting.

Only considering burning as a deflationary measure has potential danger long term. Creating more demand is much more sustainable

@Lyagushka wrote to me on discord. The rules were not correct in this post, but he fixed it. Now when rules are correct, everything makes sense :smiley:

Yeah, I agree, it’s an interesting mission.
The problem was that the rules for the game were not correct in the initial post, so nothing made sense. Now with correct rules, everything is on point.

@Lyagushka @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI You should definitely have the rules explained in game, too. If someone have not seen this post there is no chance to know what the hack is the objective of the mission. A friend of mine who’s into Mars, but not into reading and writing here on forum, asked me wtf should he do inside the new mission.

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I would instantly stop playing, knowing that house always wins in casino, i don’t like the high risk low rewards game.