Gamefi concept [proposal]

A few words from the team.

Over the past few weeks we have received a lot of great ideas on how we can build and grow Mars Colony above and beyond. We are thankful to everyone who took part in sharing your ideas and we look forward to hearing from you all.

Why colony on Mars

Population growth, demand for resources, and an alternate solution to the Doomsday argument may require human colonisation of bodies other than Earth, such as Mars.

Mars is the most Earth-like of all the other planets in the Solar System. Given the similarity and proximity, Mars will be one of the most plausible terraforming targets in the Solar System. [wikipedia]

MarsColony is a GameFi project that enables users to build their colony on Mars, explore the planet, and interact with Defi which will power the economy and trade with elements of strategy.

Purpose of the Colony

  • Establish first settlement on Mars
  • Establish direct democracy
  • Establish a financial system
  • Grow Colony technologically, terraforming Mars and protecting your land

Colony settlement

Building on land

The area of Mars was divided into 21,000 tokenised plots called MC land NFT.

During the first phase (Jan 06), future Martians have claimed 100% of the land, moving the project to the next stage: land colony land settlement.

Martians can build base stations to host themselves and any other characters/other users they will bring to their colony to settle the land.

Power plants can be built to generate energy for the colony.

Transport can be purchased to enable Martians to explore their land, mine resources, and move between their colony.

Robot assembly (factory) is needed to start building robots to perform missions within a colony.

All facilities, except for base stations, could be upgraded to enable to improve the production of underlying resources (e.g., energy, robots, transportation.)


Characters play a valuable role in the MarsColony project. Martians can use characters to represent their identity and connect them with their land.

CLNY tokens

CLNY is a hybrid token that contains attributes of government and utility tokens.

Token holders can use this token to take part in the decentralised governance of the project. Token holders can also use this token to purchase land upgrades and perform other actions within the MarsColony Metaverse.

Сolony financial system(Economy)

To grow Colony’s economic and financial system, Martians established the first financial institutions on Mars.

  • SpaceXchange is the first Mars DEX that will be established to serve Martians enabling them to trade tokens and earn a yield on CLNY.

  • Mars Space bank enables Martians to lend and borrow funds within the colony.

  • Colony trading hub (marketplace) - will enable Martians to trade land and resources.

Technological and economic growth (in progress)

This part we intentionally keep empty due to numerous different ideas we received from the community.

Ideas include mining resources on Mars, exploring Mars planet, terraforming, and protecting Mars Colony.

We look forward to exploring these paths together.


AaaaaaA SPACEXCHANGE i love the name so muchhhhhhh


I’m freaking hyped! This game is going to fly


This all looks very promising! And SpaceXchange… well, yeah!!!


I like it.

  • Dex/Bank/Marketplace :+1:
  • Robots :+1:
  • Characters :+1:

Looks really good exciting updates!

How does the dev team get funds ? Want yous to get paid and have incentive to keep building!

and wen spaceworms?


I like it ! having fun being part of it too! LETS ROLL!!!


I love it so far. I have a suggestion I was gonna post in a new thread but I’ll leave it here now.

As another way to burn CLNY tokens I think there should be items you can purchase like spacesuits for your avatar, skins for base station or robot assembly, flags you can post on the land, idk you name it but burn the CLNY used to purchase these items and as far as the purpose of them they’re purely decorative / aesthetic and wouldn’t earn you any tokens BUT they would increase the subjective value of your land especially the more unique and rare the items are.


I swear if Elon doesn’t get word of this I would be stunned. SpaceX…change is beggin for a papa pump :muscle:


well done guys!! you guys are killing it and this is becoming a absolute great hedge for this bear market


How long till we get a UI that shows our colony build up?


wen worms :stuck_out_tongue:
love the ideas guys. keep it coming


I am exited and looking forward for new features!


Hello @eugenefinch and the team,

Thank you for this amazing announcement. I love the SpaceXchange already :P. I’m open to discuss for the part for exploration on Mars. All the features look amazing, I can’t help cause i don’t have any experience in financial system or technical system on blockchain but i can share my point of view with you for concept of gameplay or other.

Wish the best and continue the hard work !


I love the SpaceXchange name for the exchange specially. Keep pushing!


Great work on this proposal – and thank you for sharing it with the community! I got two thumbs of support for it: :+1::sunglasses::+1:


Thanks for the updates!

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Loving the updated info and love the name SpaceXchange!!

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God damnit no.

Stop doing what everyone else is doing and adding a dex and lending.

Add GAME elements. Not financial elements. Ffs. This is a waste of time.

Start working on a VR and 1st person game. Look up Dual Universe, Factorio, and Satisfactory. Make a 3D factorio type game with automatic mining. Make resources be tokens or NFTs we can trade. The Mars land plots should just be land overship deeds and the CLNY token should NOT be your main objective.

Stop doing what everyone else is doing. We don’t need another 100th DEX. We need a GAME that people enjoy playing.


You don’t need to throw a tantrum. You can can express your good, constructive ideas in a supportive way. Let’s create a better environment for discussion.