Problems & Solutions


1. Lack of faith in team (caused directly by issues 2,3)

  • Over the past weeks and certainly days there’s been increasing negative sentiment, with people not believing the team or trusting in them. This has escalated over the past c.48 hours with the IDO.

2. Poor communication from team

  • Many members of the community have highlighted that communication has been lacking on both key issues and minor updates. There’s been little effort to group core updates in one place, bar Jeus’ weekly updates. We’re left picking crumbs up from the AMAs, which themselves have done little to inspire confidence over the past 24 - 48 hours.

3. Lack of clarity

  • I believe this to be the principal issue. The community don’t understand where the project is going right now, or why decisions are being made. There’s either absolutely no reasoning provided for decisions, or decisions being made with reasoning that doesn’t fit with the community’s beliefs / feelings. This, and the issues it creates is illustrated beautifully by the IDO - as I write this it’s 2.49% sold out and has been live for 90 minutes; hardly a rapid sellout.
    —> Let’s dig down into why that is. I see two reasons.
  • On the one hand we’ve got the community - already invested, and eager to support. However, they weren’t told about this IDO in time, and even if they had been, they’d be unlikely to support it. It doesn’t fit with what they want, and doesn’t make sense. The justifications made for it seem to mask a cash grab, rather than inspire confidence. The reasons for it being on BSC remain confusing, and I can’t help but think it’s simply because there were pre-existing relationships in BSC that it was felt would be easy to milk for quick cash.
  • On the other hand, we haven’t got a huge influx of new investors. Could be because of the bear market. Could equally be because people did their research, and looked into the project. They saw a token that’s seemingly headed to 0, floor prices that have dropped 10X in a couple of months, and reasoned that this wasn’t a good investment.


1. The team needs to provide more information to improve investor confidence. That information needs to be readily available.

  • Father — ‘You don’t need to know yet exactly what he does, but you will, soon.’
    At this point, we need to know exactly what he does. More to the point, it would be good to know what he has done.

Eugene — Chief Product Officer
Eugene provided some info on his past experience in the AMA yesterday - why not put this on the website?

Dima (Memological Expedition/MEMEXPO) — Chief Technology Officer

Jeus (brother) — Your guide/big brother in the Colony, but don’t call me Oniisan (CCO)
Jeus I know you’re unwilling to Doxx, but maybe this is what’s needed to get people back on side?

Ivan (Lyagushka) — Product lead

Marx (Mike) — 3D artist

Woolly — 2D artist

Karina — UI artist

Nadia — Gameplay writer
Interested to know more of what this involves.

Ilia — Developer

Maxim — Developer

Nikita — Business development

Rey — Business development

Andrey — Business development, security advisor from Zerion protocol

3 Biz Dev (+/- Father) vs 2 devs. Is this the right approach?

2. The team needs to listen to the community and introduce clear communication protocols.
There’s a lot of project managers, founders, business owners, etc, in the community - who are justifiably confused by the lack of clear comms. Let’s have a clear protocol that is stuck to. Be that weekly stand-ups for the community, some core parts of / highlights from check-ins being conveyed to the community, all-hands meetings that are videoed - find what works and do it. It’s been a long time since we started asking for better communication, and still nothing. AMA’s have to have a précis that people can glance over each time. This feeds into the next part.

3. Clarity: an easily accessible roadmap, honest discussion of recent decisions

  • We need a roadmap - right now we don’t have one that we can trust. What features are actually coming, and at what points? Again, the community aren’t idiots, they know that bringing out new features is tough and takes time, and that exact dates can be hard. We just need to know the prioritisation of features, and a very rough idea of when we might expect them. If you’re using sprints, maybe share an overview of each sprint.

  • We need a clear rationale for why certain recent decisions have been made, chiefly the IDO. We need to feel the team is now on the same page regarding them, rather than there being a difference of opinion.


@father here you go


Yesterday’s AMA was filled with the promise “we will improve the communication”. The very first chance to act upon this promise was missed. The missing announcement with details about the IDO requirement, timeframe, … still didn’t happen. When more and more questions about the IDO started to accumilate, admins were pinged three hours prior to the IDO start, still no reaction. Eventually the announcement was made an hour after the IDO start.

I had some talks about this topic, and the way this whole IDO mess was and is handled, caused a lot of the more passive investors to step back from the project. Comments like slow rug, cash grab, “what the hell are they doing?”, “no announcement???”, … came from every direction.

Why is it so difficult to put the very basics of communications in place – how is such an easy to solve thing still causing major problems? You have a website that everyone involved has to access regulary. Put a permanent div on the app and fill it with bullet points about current events. Make it a spacey radio set. Add a backoffice access for your editors down the line. That takes no more than two hours.
Or start a news section, update section, and patchnotes section on the landingpage. Additional discord announcements for every news, update, and patchnotes. Just establish any channel that everyone can access and get all the important information from. That’s the bare minimum and it’s missing.

Don’t require the community to sit through every AMA, relisten recorded AMAs, search through the forum on a daily basis, be on discord 24/7, … because that’s clearly not working.

Walk the talk.


100% This!

Completely on point, thanks!

  1. Financials. Share the financials of the entire project from Community Treasury to Non Treasury Funds. Past Expenses, reoccurring expenses, and expected expenses. Want my confidence back… start with this. Want my trust back… read on.

  2. Stick to a roadmap plan. Stick to the originating documents.

  3. Stand up the DAO. Get Official voting on track. Let the community decide on where things should go with real official votes.

  4. Respect the investor and the community by listening and taking into account what “they” want to see.

  5. Hold smaller component votes on direction that are well thought out and fit into the overall development plan.

  6. Have a development plan that is shared with the community and be accountable to the community on that plan.

  7. Trust the advice of @brother Jeus, who hears the community and has the insight from the community. Take what he says to heart and know its coming mostly from the community. Except for a few differences of opinions I have with him. :slight_smile:

  8. I’m sure there is more I could add, but for now, the list above is sufficient to earn my trust back.


Here’s my reply from that ama About MarsColony IDO campaign (Reasons and conditions) - #35 by AgentGreenStix

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Wow finally a CLNY post that leaves me feeling better about the project. Tris maybe you should play a role in the leadership of this.

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strongly agree, especially re sharing financials


hey @joeok @tris_the_avatar_maxi @TdxTri I collected all concerns at once and tried to answer with the creators together. Please jump in

I have yet to see a rational justification for refusing to use CLNY as currency for plots and avatars. These are the the most obvious use cases for the token. How can you call CLNY the in-game-currency when CLNY is not used for purchasing assets in the game?

I realize the answer is because this project is a scam, but I would like to be proven wrong.

CLNY was used to purchase all avatars; the in-game marketplace is in development, as you could see if you checked out their GitHub.

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CLNY was used to mint avatars. Secondary market, where all value resides going forward, is priced in ONE.

Only on NFTkey, I think tofu allows CLNY listings.

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There is one plot listed for CLNY.


Hello guys, as we don’t have a game yet. I’ve been thinking about how we can keep people busy until there’s one. Let’s just say that the first 500 to 600 fully updated countries should be unique. For example, special things can only happen in these countries. Or the owners belong to a special group. Only from these countries you can travel to other chains. Or somehow be rewarded. I think that would do the project good. Increase the pressure to buy CLNY as many will want such a unique country. This buys us time and a clny price recovery until we have a real game. We have to work with what we have.

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@father @eugenefinch
I think that if Mars had it’s own NFT marketplace, and if you removed NFTs from the third party marketplaces, sales can create much more utility than renaming avatars and moving buildings. It’s also much more sustainable, people are trading NFTs all the time.
Looking from my perspective, I would rename avatar maybe once, and I wouldn’t ever bother to move building if there is no reason to do so, and currently there isn’t 🤷🏻‍♂
But that makes sense only, and only if the native marketplace is the only place to trade NFTs.

Does this make sense?


Hey @andi have you checked out the roadmap? There is a planned feature there for a Marketplace. If you have not you should vote and add comments there as well. I think you are absolutely right and this would help having land and avatar sales in game among other future items.


I always forget the link for the website :smiley:
I’ve herd in the latest AMA that they are planning to add it in about two months.

I’m suggesting to remove Mars NFTs from other marketplaces. Does that make sense to you?

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NFTKEY gets the fees, give it back to the Colony instead :+1::+1:

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