Utility Crates feature

Greeting Martians!


Some time after landing Martians started noticing weird radars and navigators activity. After some researches on the settlement territory was found a sealed hangar. AI said that this hangar is filled with crates full of tools brought from Earth for the exploration of Mars. But colonist can’t just get them, it’s needed to be proved to the AI that you are quite clever and resourceful. To do this, martian needs to complete missions at the Base Station. The more, the better…

In this topic i’ll try to explain everything about brand new Utility Crate NFTs.

1. Dropping rate:

Each time user completes the Coding challenge there’s a small chance - base is 0,5% (can be increased or decreased) of dropping a Utility crate to them.

The chances are working this way:

  1. Explorer (Avatar owner) and Architect (Land owner) is the same wallet - 0,6% chance of dropping a Utility Crate after completing the Coding challenge
  2. Explorer (Avatar owner) and Architect (Land owner) are different wallets - 0,5% chance of dropping a Utility Crate to Explorer0,2% chance of dropping a Utility Crate to Architect if the Explorer didn’t get one

Note: Architects will start getting Utility Crates soon

2. Rarities:

Utility Crates have 3 rarity ranks - common, rare and legendary. Each Crate rarity has different colour layouts.

  1. Common Utility Crates (75% drop chance):

Common Crates will be a large part of all the crates that’s why it will be cool to have a small chance of getting rare stuff from it too :eyes:

  Orange top        Yellow top         Red top

  Dark orange       Dark yellow        Dark red

  Basic orange       Basic yellow        Basic red

  1. Rare Utility crates (20% drop chance):

Should Rare Crates have a chance of getting a Legendary reward? Maybe Martians should choose it :thinking:

  Orange top         Yellow top         Red top

  Dark orange        Dark yellow         Dark red

  Basic orange        Basic yellow        Basic red

  1. Legendary Utility Crates (5% drop chance):

Legendary crates are huge so why dont we put 2 rewards in some of them?

  Orange top         Yellow top         Red top

  Dark orange        Dark Yellow         Dark red

  Basic orange        Basic yellow        Basic red

3. How to open?

Right now Utility crates are sealed and even most powerful robot cant unlock them but when the time will come to use the stuff from it everyone will be eligible to unlock it using small amount of CLNY (which will be fully burned)

And the most important question…

4. What’s inside the Crates?

Stuff from the Crates will mostly be used to help Martians complete the future Mining mission and there will be many variations from which to choose the buffs.

But it could contain slightly other stuff too…