Utility Crates unlocking and Mining mission gear

Hello everyone!

I’ll try to explain how Utility crates unlocking works and what is the mining mission gear needed for.

1. Utility Crates unlocking:

  1. Unlock prices - were chosen in an on-chain voting and will be dynamic 2$ / 4$ / 8$ in CLNY equivalent. Read more about it here.

  2. Unlock mechanic - pretty simple, you will just need to click on unlock button on a crate you want to open and sign a transaction. By doing so the crate will be burned and you will get one mining mission gear in order of the crate rarity and gear rarity drop-rate.
    NOTE: All the CLNY from crates unlocking will be burned.

  3. Drop-rates - all crate rarities have different mining mission gear rarity getting chances:

Common UCR - 90% common / 10% rare / 0% legendary

Rare UCR - 15% common / 75% rare / 15% legendary (excluding transports)

Legendary UCR - 0% common / 10% rare / 90% legendary

It means that you wont be able to get a legendary mining gear from a common UCR or get a legendary transport in rare UCR

2. Mining mission gear:

  1. Amount - There will be 14 mining mission gear that could be obtained from Utility crates and one special that will be distributed to all users who has claimed lands on polygon chain while having lands on harmony chain.

  2. Types and rarities - there will be 5 gear types (Engine, Drill, Scanner, Transmitter, Transport) and 3 gear rarities (Common, Rare, Legendary).
    NOTE: Not all types will have all rarities.

You will be able to use only one gear of each type in the same mission.

  1. Durability - mining gear will have durability. It means that they will be automatically burned after X amount of successfully passed mining missions.

Common gear - 100 missions

Rare gear - 150 missions

Legendary gear - 200 missions

Transports - 350 missions

Reward for harmony users - almost immortal

  1. Gear lock system - you will need to lock your gear on the wallet in order to use them in the mining mission (more info will be in the mining mission explanation post).

  2. Buffs - each gear will give you a buff in mining mission but you wont be able to use all of the buff types at the same time so you’ll need to choose between different variations of equipped gear (more info will be in the mining mission explanation post).


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