MasrsColony: Road Map & Progress 2022

MarsColony Road Map 2022

Hey Martians. We are growing our ambitions, and our road map is getting bigger and bigger.
Below you will find an updated roadmap split into two sections:

  • Multichain improvements - changes that plan to be implemented on all chains going forward
  • Colonizing Blockchains - Statuses for each chain

Epoch 1: Concept formation & testing (Q3, 2021)

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Objective Status
Forum Done
CLNY Tokenomic v1 Done
Published WP v1 Done
Land NFT minting contract (on BSC) v1 Done
CLNY Tokenomic v2 Done
Land NFT minting (IIC) contract v2 Done
Gamification concept v1 Done
Design CLNY token minting logic Done

Epoch 2: Public Launch (Q4, 2021-Q4, 2022)

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The first Colony is launched on Harmony blockchain →

Objective Status
MarsColony landing page v2 Done
MarsColony App Testnet launch Done
MarsColony App beta testing Done
MarsColony App Mainnet launch Done
CLNY token listing on Sushiswap Done

Multichain Improvements :arrow_down:

Improvements, products or features will be released on all supported chains.

Gamification & Play to Earn

Objective Status
Spaceship landing on Mars postponed
Martians settle land launched
Martians obtaining game characters to play (Avatars) launced
Specification in progress
Playable missions in progress
Building robots to do
Character upgrades to do
Transport system to do
Power production utility to do
Switch to P2E done
Revenue share done

DeFI Products

Objective Status
Liquidity mining done
MarsColony DEX done
Migrate liquidity from Sushi to MC DEX done
MarsColony Stablecoin to do
MarsColony Lending to do


Objective Status
Appointing first colony governors in progress
Setting up multisig done
Off-chain Governance framework in progress
On-chain governance framework in progress
MarsColony elections to do
Multichain governance to do
Releasing treasury funds to the Colony to do

Colonizing Blockchains :arrow_down:

Together we will colonize the world :vulcan_salute:

Object Harmony Polygon
Land settlement done in progress
Liqudiity Mining done to do
MC DEX (DeFi) done to do
Avatars done done
Missions Module done to do
Switch to Play to Earn done to do
Governance in progress in progress
DeFi (Lend & Stable) to do to do
Land-generated UBI in progress in progress

Start a Colony →

Tech →

← Tokenomic


Made a small correction to initial #of pieces in Epoch1


Tron TRX Blockchain is Fast and Cheap

Hold off on other blockchains for now. Focus on hiring and expanding your team @father


Moonriver (MOVR) is fast and cheap and also Ethereum compatible.
RMRK provides new functionality to the NFTs.

If possible please include Harmonauts NFT characters in gamification.


Yes definetely. It makes little sense to be expanding before having a very good working product. Harmony is a great place to get a name for oneself because it’s small. If you make it big here then you expand. Just like DFK.


Expanding to another blockchain would be sometime in the future. A dream location for me would be Algorand. :heart_eyes: At this moment, though, I don’t believe Algorand is EVM-compatible, so might be a larger effort to expand there – but still, venturing onto Algorand would be amazing. I’ll cross my fingers. :grin: :crossed_fingers:


Another suggestion would be to partner with other communities in the Harmony ecosystem to drive adoption. I would recommend looking into an LP at ViperSwap with their 100M TVL.

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This is ‘Done’.

Also I’m sure you folks have done your research, but Defikingdoms is a melting pot of cross-chain users, tokens and an awesome, trusted DEX choice to add in liquidity.


The progress needs updating (Epoch 2: Public Launch). I was not aware that sushiswap liquidity pool had been setup until the price reached above $5. Still showing a status of “Todo”.


Would also like to suggest adding overlays to the the map for improvements made to plots to show which plots on the map have been “upgraded”.


Thank you for the advice! On which blockchain should we land the next Settler?

Agree! What should be MarsColony next steps in your opinion ?


Yep, already working on it!

Yep, we will try to do something even better! Do not underestimate us :wink:


good catch, it will be updated shortly

Sounds like a good idea!


good catch, it will be updated shortly

Sounds like a good idea!

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If there are plans to incorporate commerce into the Marscolony ecosystem. I would like to see partnerships created with projects like tranquil. They have a solid lending/borrowing ecosystem and will be expanding their tokens to GameFi as well. Makes sense to have an ecosystem of GameFi using the same tokens across all systems to create demand across all products and chains. Parternships with other projects allows for focus on the core of your own developments while still including and accessing other ecosystems within the Harmony protocol. Also helps with standardization of tokenomics.

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not good than Harmony bro. i use tron blockchain only for send usdt. lol

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I am wondering if we can add a convenience feature to locate lands by clicking the lands on the my lands tab so we dont have to spin the Mars for too many time? :slight_smile:


I think open more land on satellites would be amazing to let more community have lands.


FTM & AVAX should be looked into the future.